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i love you :D

i love your work johnny it just gets funnier all the time XD plus good choice with the music (the song is: Double Bass by Gorillaz)


epic to and epic level! whats the name of the song in this? :d

i loved it so much <3

oh my god dude this was aso awesoem and i just know that the menu theme is the menutheme form killing floor ;D <3

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:D i love it

i think it's beautiful :3 whats the name of the harp song when you get the "i am your moon ending"

:D :D :D :D

i love it :D, whats the soundtrack called?

i love it :D

im giving you a nine becasue this game could rally use a save system

Arkuni responds:

I disagree. A game at this length (7-8 minutes), there really isn't a point in having a save system.

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i bet this would be great at a modern bar (:

love your music yun but i dont know about the genre i'd put jazz/modern instead of hiphop/modern, im just placing my opinion but it does sound more jazzy (:

(:|D, i love your hat!

i love you hat! (:P

<.<, >.>, *gulp*

umm i think theres a nurse behind me but i dont wanan turn around ):

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=] weel... :3

well i think its a great idea for a shirt something to make people laugh on a rainy day or something the aback ground is really well drawn and the joke in it is actually meant in a literal sense, i like that ^^

yeah we;re all screwed ._.

shouldn't there be a chainsaw blade on that gun? XD

ImpendingRiot responds:

It shoots chainsaws ;)

it would be awesome....

if we could all be pixelated and killing pixelated zombies like in zombies ate my neighbours i'd choose NG TV as a base ^^

Havegum responds:

you'd have to take the vending machine inside though, or else you wouldn't get that lovely beer

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School of pie :3

A cereal box :3

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